Welcome to Well-Vet Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd.

Well-Vet Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd. is one of the fastest growing animal health companies operating internationally & in the domestic market. The vision of the company is based on the need of holistic approach to the health of animals to protect our own health and environment in future. Safe food is vital to ensure good health of Human population especially animal protein. We find more efficient ways in rearing and minimizing the health problems in animalia to obtain optimum production & efficient reproduction.
Well-Vet Lifesciences takes utmost care to develop formulations safe for veterinary professionals, benefitting animals and protecting consumers.

With aggresive goals we want to change the face of animal health industry. Our strength begins from ancient Ayurvedic knowledge up to the latest research and innovation to offer animal owners the productthat enable them to prevent and treat diseases, enhance productivity with ideal reproductive efficiency. The strong customer base of the company is giving impetus to its continuous and persistent growth.

Our Evolution

We at Well-Vet Lifesciences are dedicated to the needs of veterinary practitioners working at the grassroot levels. We intend to seek their help to come with innovative solutions to meet their requirements. By providing cost-effective, affordable and quality based products for livestock owners of India & abroad. Our formulations based on Veda and science inspired us to expand from one region to other, from one country to other. These pillars of evolution for our organisation includes the products based on:

  • Successful Innovation
  • Diversified product portfolio
  • International quality control parameters
  • Clinically tried, tested and trusted by documentation
  • Cost competitive

We trust in quality and provide unique formulations for our constant rapid growth.

Our Values

Our business is based solely on high ethical values and standards not limited to quality products but quality at every stage viz. packaging, transportation channels and associated operations and supply chain. End products in the hands of animal owners must take care of health, production, reproductive efficiency of their valued animals. The veterinarian by their usage feel pride of effective range for his convenience not by features but by benefits too. We religiously follow:

Our Mission

To support and sustain the phenomenal growth of animal health industry towards the establishment of the business house that spells quality at all stages of product formulation through latest scientific standards and parameters.

We will make customer friendly, affordable prices and generate credibility , trust and confidence in health care segment.
Business Care
Veterinary Profession
Animal Care
Organisation Care

The Management

The company is managed by directors with their individual experience in manufacturing, production, marketing and operation. The management is supported by a team of dedicated, skilled and qualified people in different operational segments. Our R&D is managed by a technical team with veterinary expertise in formulations in various dosage form viz. liquid, tablet, powder etc.

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