CalciWell Bolus

The only way – For easy let down of milk and boost up production


  • Prevents and treats calcium deficiency/milk fever
  • Prevents and treats ketosis, provides energy
  • Prevents post-calving problems
  • Enhances milk secretion and production
  • Helps in sustaining calcium availability
  • Fortified with vitamins B versions which are not stored in body, being water soluble
  • Prevents interruption in milk production
  • Combats stress and provides mental health
  • Enhances better quality of milk with higher fat and SNF
  • Prevents disruption in milk yield due to death of calf
  • Increases lactation period if given regularly
  • Strengthens teat sphincter to prevent leaky teat
CalciWell Bolus

They need more CalciWell Bolus gives most
To easy and timely letting down of milk
To secrete more milk
To enhance holding capacity of udder
To keep all organs healthy

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