CalciWell Suspension

CalciWell Suspension

  • The most metabolized Calcium for animals
  • All Calcium in Calcium Oral formulation are Unlike
  • Compounds of Calcium vary to Compensate deficiency

Prevents and treats Hypocalcaemia Hypophosphatemia
• Prevents ketosis
• Prevents periparturient disorders, debility
• Prevents retention of placenta ROP
• Prevents Negative Energy Balance
• Prevents stress external and internal
• Strengthens bones and muscular tonicity
• Expedite timely rational growth
• Improves – Milk Yield – Early Peak – Longer lactation
     • Milk components
     • Feed efficiency ratio
     • Weigh gain

Leads to High Profitability


100 ml provides

2000 mg
1500 mg
400 mg

Calcium citrate
Phosphorous (Sod. acid phosphate)
Vit. D3
Vit. A
Vit. B12

3500 mg
1750 mg
300 mg
40000 IU
300 mcg

Calciwell Suspension

1 L, 5 L, 10 L polypack

100 ml daily for 10 days pre
and post-calving and 7
days once a month

Calciwell Suspension
Sure Shot Solution for Highest Production

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